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Water Treatment Service, Maintenance, and RepairWater treatment and water purification equipment is crucial to any home or business function.  We rely upon this equipment to provide us with the water quality that we need, and it is often responsible for providing safe drinking water.  If the equipment is not properly maintained, the water could be hazardous.  For this reason, the service team at GW Pumps & Purification has been specifically trained to professionally service, maintain, and repair your water system. In fact, we offer service contracts to verify system operation, performance, and make any minor adjustment or repairs to keep the system fully functional.   These service contracts can be set up to have one of GW’s water professionals servicing your equipment on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

However, if your water system is having immediate problems, don’t hesitate to call us, we offer
24 hour Emergency Service to get your water treatment and purification system repaired quickly!

Water Treatment and Purification is a specific trade and requires a high level of skill, expertise, and knowledge to properly select the correct equipment to resolve a water quality problem.  This same expertise is important to properly service, maintain, and repair water systems.  Water purification systems are complex and require a solid working understanding of disciplines such as chemistry, plumbing, electric, pressure, flow, and valves.   The GW team receives regular training to keep on top of these disciplines and make sure we are providing our customers with quality services.

  • Water Softeners or Conditioners not only require adding salt to the brine tank, but should be regularly serviced to verify/inspect/test the incoming water hardness, the salt setting, changes in water quantity being used, and the proper functionality of the control valve(s).    Furthermore, most systems include a couple screens to protect the expensive control valve from failing. These screens should be serviced by one of our water professionals on a regular basis.
  • Drinking water filters and reverse osmosis systems have filter cartridges that must be replaced every 6 months to 12 months.   These filters are specific to the make/model of your system and must be an identical replacement or your system may not function as designed.   There are many filters that appear to be the same, but these “look-alike” filters often are not properly constructed, sized, or rated to handle the needs of the specific drinking water filter or reverse osmosis system.   The water professionals at GW are trained to replace your filters with the correct filters.
  • Chlorination systems are also in need of regular service and adjustment.   GW’s team is able to handle all of the service, maintenance, and repair needs for your chlorination system.
  • Aeration systems are mechanically complex systems, typically with two pumps and several tanks, valves, and other controls.   The GW team has been trained on the proper service, maintenance, and repair of these systems.
  • Specialty Systems – Within the water treatment industry there are hundreds of different manufacturers/assemblers.  Each produce hundreds or thousands of different products.   We service almost any brand of equipment and have been trained by some of the leading manufacturers on the proper service and repair of a wide range of their products and services.   Our service team is ready and able to handle the needs for your water system.

For water treatment service, it is very important that the man or woman who is working on your system have a complete understanding of the system.  If they don’t, your water system may not function as designed. At GW Pumps & Purification, we actively train our technicians to be experts in the field.  Their training consists of both book knowledge, hands-on, and mentoring. We greatly value our customers and therefore believe that we are obligated to serve them with quality products and services. Should you need service on your pump, call us today!

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