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Pump Service and RepairPumps can be a crucial component to any home or business function. Without pumps, we may not have the water we need to flush toilets, bathe, wash dishes, water lawns/gardens, and many other daily requirements.  If you have a pool, a pump is required to keep the pool from turning green.  It is a good idea to periodically have your pump system maintained by a qualified pump expert.   We recommend that a maintenance call be performed at least once every two years.   If the pump is used commercially, has heavy use, or fulfills a critical role, you may want to have an expert monitor your pump system(s) on a semi-annual or quarterly basis.

If your pump system is having problems, don’t hesitate to call us! We offer 24 hour Emergency Service to get your pump system repaired quickly!

Pumps combine multiple disciplines and therefore are considered by many to be more difficult to repair or service.

  • The first discipline included is the electrical provided to power the pump.   Often the electric is high voltage and sometimes even three-phase which requires phase balancing and motor rotation verification.   In addition to the basic electrical principals, a qualified pump mechanic must understand electricity well enough to understand the controls for the pump system.  They are crucial to the proper operation of a pump.  Pump controls often include pressure switches, pressure sensors, float switches, liquid level switches, relays, timers, time delay relays, and contactors.   A properly operating pump system depends on the proper function of these controls and the proper interaction of each device.
  • Also included is the plumbing discipline.  The plumbing into and out of pumps can effect the pump systems performance, and it is important that the pipe connected to the pump is the correct size, has the correct length, and is the right material.   Many “professionals” in Florida are not using the correct materials to plumb their pumps into a customer’s water system.
  • The final discipline in mechanical.   Most pumps are powered with a rotating electric motor.   Although speeds can be lower, a typical speed for a pump motor is 3600 RPM.    At that speed, if things are not put together correctly, problems can and will occur.

For proper pump repair and service, it is very important that the man or woman that is working on your pump has a complete understanding of these disciplines.   If they don’t, your pump system may not function as designed. At GW Pumps & Purification, we actively train our technicians to be experts in the field.   Their training consists of both book knowledge, hands-on, and mentoring.   We greatly value our customers and therefore believe that we are obligated to serve them with quality products and services.   Should you need service on your pump, call us today!

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