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When water contains radon, iron, manganese, foul odors or objectionable gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide a Aeromax Water System sold and installed by GW Pumps and Purification is the perfect solution.

The Aeromax system is designed to provide years of trouble free service.   The basic principal of the Aeromax system is the water treatment method known as aeration.  The aerator system uses the pressure provided by a well pump to spray water into a large tank.   As this water is sprayed into the tank, gases (such as Radon or Hydrogen Sulfide) are able to be released from the water and escape through vents at the top of the tank.   Additionally, as the water is sprayed into the tank, the dissolved oxygen level of the water increases.   Assuming pH is within an acceptable range, this dissolved oxygen will be able to oxidize lower levels of iron and manganese.   The large tank allows the oxidized iron, manganese, and other sediment to settle out at the bottom of the tank.

A second pump is then used to create the pressure needed for your plumbing system.   The pump works in conjunction with a pressure switch and pressure tank provided with each of GW Pumps, Aeromax Water Systems.

The Aeromax Water System stands out from the crowd with several features not provided by other aerator systems.   These features include.

  1. Clog resistant spray nozzles.
  2. Mercury free float switch
  3. Low Pressure safety switch on pressure pump.
  4. Pumps with replacable nozzles to create higher pressure at lower flows, medium pressure and medium flows, or lower pressure and higher flows.
  5. Rodent, and bug resistant screens at each opening.

(A) Well
(B) Well Pump
(C) Sample port / Pump priming location
(D) Aeration tank [The Aeromax]
(E) Re-pressuring pump
(F) Pressure Switch
(G) Pressure Tank
(H) Sample port / Pump priming location
(I) Water discharge Point - Water to home/business

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